Our digital Lending as a Service Platform delivers a superior loan application experience for your customer with a decision in just 3 steps
A single portal to service SME loans, commercial mortgages and asset finance
Generate new revenue streams, increase your market share, win new customers.
Innovative Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse serves all of the lender’s users and enables valuable real-time performance analysis.
Designed for banks and financial institutions - our automated digital Lending as a Service Platform enables fast lending decisions and the opportunity to generate new revenue streams and increase market share.
“Ezbob loan software

Financial Instrument.

MJS FINANCIAL LTD. is an expert in the Monetization of Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC). Over the years, we have built long term, trusted and reliable direct relationships with proven providers and monetizers who offer a complete range of Non-Recourse Loan programs where our bank guarantee and standby letter of credit can be monetized for Cash Placed into Trade Programs PPP (Private Placement Programs) or a Hybrid for immediate cash and funds in a Trade Program. BG and SBLC that can be Monetized include bank financial instruments from Top rated AA Bank Instruments with high monetery values. We Provide Non-Recourse Loans from top rated AA Bank against Bank instruments as a security to the loan, we are also running a program on Non-Recourse loan where we merge both BG provider and Lender together in favour of the Borrowers who do not have BG or collateral for the loan, this program is specifically to provide BG (Collateral) to those clients that do not have the facility to provide BG as collateral to the loan, whereby the BG will be leased on behalf of the borrower. The most interesting part of Easy Finance transactional procedure is that you will be giving the privilege to pay for the leasing and monetization fees of the BG after you have received and confirm the loan amount in your bank account, by this way our company secures both the BG (Collateral) and Loan amount for you.

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“eThe Lending Platform

Renewable Leased Bank Instruments

Our BG/SBLC financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these bank instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs from our lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate organizations

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