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Investing with MJS Finance

Underwriting Process.

Our goals are focused on the preservation of our Investors’ capital while achieving an above average rate of return for them. While no investment is guaranteed, MJS mitigates risks with sound underwriting procedures and lending practices based on conservative lending policies, guidelines and criteria that include:

  • Lending only against properties with definable exit strategies and favorable valuations.
  • Investing in short-term mortgages (6 to 24 months) to mitigate interest rate fluctuations and market turn around risks.
  • Conducting thorough due diligence and credit assessments including the engagement of third party consultants as peer reviewers.
  • Working with capable Borrowers.
  • Structuring innovative yet conservative financings methodology to boost investment returns.

Investment History

MJS has earned the trust of Investors by applying rigorous institutional grade underwriting practices to generate attractive yields and stable sources of income. Our track record and stellar reputation allows us to invest client funds from self-directed RRSP’s currently administered by Scotia trust. Presently, our investments yield an average return of 8%.

We currently manage a mortgage and investment portfolio that ranges between $500 – $1 Billion. We lend on assets that are located world wide.

We offer a diverse range of ways to meet your short and long-term investment goals. From earning regular monthly income to seeking tax-effective capital appreciation with our property investing, we strive to outperform your investment targets.

We stand with you, whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial adviser, or an individual guided by an advisor’s personalized advice. We believe the best way to reach your desired outcomes is with a multi-asset approach that combines: asset allocation, capital markets insights, factor exposures, manager research, portfolio implementation.

Over 50 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.